Contactless Rental

In A Hurry?

We know you’re busy and there’s nothing more annoying than having to spend an hour at the rental counter filling out paperwork and answering a bunch of rhetorical questions, so we made it as easy as we possibly can. All vehicles are contactless rentals!

No need to meet us to get the vehicle or sign paperwork in person! We do everything in advance through email. Just respond to our email and send us proof of insurance and a picture of your license and electronically sign the rental agreement and you’re good to go!

This can be done via phone or laptop/desktop computer as well. We’ll have the van ready for you at whatever time you want to pick it up and drop it off!

Best Rent Prices!

We are open to offer you the best prices in town for rent a car!

Reserve Now

You can reserve a car anytime you want (24/7).

Lots of Pickup Locations

Multiple Locations in Town, car rental locations